Cork world map

If you are looking for a perfect cork world map for your place or a classroom at school, Corkstore24 LTD has the real deal for you! The company specialises in cork based products made of the best quality Portuguese cork which ensures that the whole selection meets the expectations of their clients. In the store you’ll find a couple of types of cork world maps with self-adhesive layers for you to choose from. Whether you’d like a white or black world map, or a map of Great Britain only – it’s there. The shop provides you with different sizes of available maps varying in the price (depending on the chosen size). This will be an ultimate gift for students, geography enthusiasts or simply people who love to travel to plan their holidays, and pin their destinations or already visited place with pictures and postcards. It will also ideally serve as an alternative to traditional school maps (more challenging without the names of the countries!). Go to to find your dreamed cork world map!

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