Asbestos flue pipes - Do I have to remove them?

Another element in which you can find asbestos fibers is a flue pipe. Well often people asked me about asbestos flue pipe removal. They think, that because of the fact that flue pipes are not too big, then the amount of asbestos is not big enough to become harmful. Thus you should definitely remove these pipes if you want to ensure safety of both yourself and your own family.

I have asbestos roof. How much it is going to cost me?

Costs of the asbestos roofing removal depends on various things. The most important one, is the fact in which asbestos was used. If it is asbestos insulation, asbestos cement or maybe asbestos shingles. Costs usually starts from about 300 pounds. However, they can skyrocket even to almost 2000 pounds, depending on size, type of asbestos etc. The best way to tell actual costs is to simply contact with specialist. He will tell you exact costs of the operation. Visit a website to get more info!


In what part of my house I have the highest chance of finding asbestos?

Before it became clear that asbestos lead to asbestosis and mesothelioma, asbestos was widely used in paints, as insulation, ceiling tiles etc. The question is: in what part of my house I have the highest chance of finding asbestos. Well, the answer is rather simple. Asbestos can be found mostly in ceilings, used as coatings or as ceiling tiles it can be found very often in houses in the UK. Thus you should check your ceiling. Visit the website to get the best asbestos test!

Are Asbestos Shingles Dangerous?

If you have asbestos shingle in your house and you are wondering if it might be harmful for both you and your family, then you should know that the answer on this question is based on condition of shingles. If they are not in good condition, if they seem to be disintegrating, crack, etc., they can potentially expel asbestos fibers. These fibers might be inhaled by yourself or your family members which might lead to big problems with health. Thus remove them as fast as possible.

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